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  1. Zazies Nude Walk In Nature

    May 5, 2012 by Editor

    Sticking with the Firth of Forth, we move on into Central Scotland to the Bo’Ness Foreshore at Kinneil Nature Reserve. Changing out of her summer dress into something more appropriate for the shoot, a voyeuristic set was shot. By this time, the genuine british amateur teen Zazie was needing to pee, so we capitalised on the moment by having our German Girl out for a jog, and needing to pee. Finding a place to pop a squat, Zazie pulls her shorts down, but before we could do anything, our assistant informed us people with kids were coming our way

    Shoot location: Bo’Ness – See it all at Mission Of Exhibition

    Moving along a bit out of sight, Zazie finds a wooden bench seat, and sitting on this with her shorts removed, Zazie treats us to a nice torrent of piss before moving on. With the tight yellow top showing Zazie’s boobies off to perfection, our girl starts to flash and then strip out of her clothing and has a nude walk in nature.