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  1. She Controls His Orgasm

    May 17, 2020 by Editor

    Please babe! Let me cum!

    HA! She scoffed. Denying him his orgasm yet again. He had already done the hoovering crawling on his knees, naked and with the big windows towards the roads wide open exposing him to any passers-by.

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    He had thought the efforts would be rewarded with a release. But no. She whacked his ass with her riding crop teasingly.

    You still have a toilet to clean, then maybe I will consider letting you have a taste of this she said rubbing the front of her panties against his face. Letting him sniff her wet pussy. So close. So unattainable.

    He obediently crawls to the toilet. She towers over him. Overlooking his work. Smacking his ass every time he slacks off the slightest bit or misses a bit. His cock is rock hard, aching for release, for more than an hour now.

    Bend over toilet slave. She said in a commanding tone. Ass in the air you filthy little worm. Unknown to him she put on a strap-on behind him. His ass in the air bent over the toilet bowl.

    Agggghhh He moans in pain as she forcefully inserts the huge strapon in his ass. She fucks him hard from behind with the strap-on. Again and again. Pounding him hard. His very first experience being taken in his ass and even by his mighty mistress.

    He groans and moans for what feels like ages as she fucks him. With enthusiasm and power she fucks him deep and hard. His entire body shivering from the pleasure and pain. His cock as hard as ever. She pulls out the strap-on, unplugs and casually tosses it to the side and grabs his hair with force to pull his face deep into her wet pussy.

    Earn yourself a living slave she screams in delight as he starts dutifully pleasuring her. Working her wonderfully moist and soft clit, letting the tongue enter inside her pussy, making her squirm in joy.

    STOP! She pulled him away. Took him by the hair and dragged him towards the bedroom. Dizzy, aroused and in awe of his Goddess he wondered, would there be release at the end?