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  1. Keep Your Sex Doll Healthy

    May 18, 2019 by Editor

    Guide to keeping your sex dolls healthy and happy!
    Owning a sex doll is an investment and as such proper care should be taken in caring and handling of your sex doll. By making sure your doll is clean, hygiene concerns will be addressed ensuring that you and your doll are healthy. Below is a guide on how to take care of your doll.

    • Use water based lubricants

    This helps in prevention of tearing of the skin. This obviously helps in the sex and for better penetration but silicone or petroleum based lubes can damage your dolls skin.

    • Skeletal care

    Each doll has a metal skeleton with joints that help in flexibility. However, having the metal skeleton makes it heavy, so be careful not to bump her, drop her or scratch her. There are also screws fixing the joints and metal skeleton in place and over time this may become loose. But not to worry you can fix this at home easily, there are screw-fixing holes inside the joints. Make sure that after using your doll you leave it in the natural state meaning don’t leave her in unnatural poses as this can adversely affect the skeleton. Also try not to use too much force on her and don’t stretch her limbs too much as this can break the skin.

    • Cleaning your doll

    Always clean your doll once or twice a month. This can be done in the shower with antibacterial soap and warm water. You can have your doll sit in a bathtub or shower with you but it is recommended not to submerge the head under water. Use an absorbent towel to gently pat down your sex doll dry. Do not use a hair dryer to dry skin as concentrated heat can break her skin. For her face, just gently clean using a damp cloth to remove dirt. After, use renewal powder or powder to keep her skin smooth and velvety.

    • Orifices cleaning

    Again, use antibacterial/antimicrobial soaps to stop growth of bacteria or fungi in the orifices as they can cause infections. The dolls come with an irrigator to clean the orifices, so use it with warm soapy water to first clean thoroughly then rinse using the same. Dry the orifices with an absorbent towel gently but thoroughly. After, use the renewable powder to keep the skin soft and pliable.

    • General care

    Don’t leave your doll where it can come into contact with inks, dark leathers, newspapers or coloured prints as those can transfer to the doll. If stains happen, use a stain remover to remove the stains. Try as much as possible to keep your doll from direct sunlight to prevent premature ageing. For the hair, remove her wig and clean using a mild wig shampoo and conditioner. Leave to dry naturally then comb it gently.

    Keep your Sex Dolls Happy and Healthy

    Bonus point; refrain from sharing your doll with anyone else, and if you still want to share, use a condom to prevent spreading of diseases.